Sydney Film Festival

Everything is ready and I’m off to the Sydney Film Festival.

Short Films

The short films are of special interest as they are relevant to our immediate projects. Inspiration is the easy part, putting it all together requires a high level of dedication and knowledge. I intend harvesting as much insight and expertise from the people and productions as I can. Hopefully I will be able to share a little of my own problem solving skills as well.

One thing which puzzles me about the Australian film scene is this: why do our governments, both federal and state, throw so much money toward international companies to come and make movies here?

Why do our highly skilled local film makers and actors have to struggle to find enough work? Not enough scripts about Aussies available? What nonsense! With our high level of mingling cultures from all over the world we have millions of stories.

Cultural Cringe

Does Australia still suffer from ‘cultural cringe’?

It is way past time for Australians to shout about our abilities from the rooftops!

India has Bollywood, New Zealand has Peter Jackson and Wingnut Films widely known in the public domain. These enterprises all bring significant financial returns and prestige to their home countries. Where is Australia’s home grown big name film production studio?


Well done, organizers of the Sydney Film Festival, for giving many film lovers and makers an exhibition space for the product of their efforts. Your program has something for everyone. An emotional roller coaster is on offer through the diverse offerings, a kaleidoscope of visual delights.

Then when it is time to party everyone can join in. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow brings yet another film adventure! I can put on my bright pink jacket and quite possibly ‘talk the back leg off a chair’!