Network Delays

Network delays happen when unexpected events occur. A train derailment stops everything, as does an interruption to the power supply. We currently have building works happening next door, which means our train modelling process has been temporarily derailed, along with access to a hot cup of tea!  Oh, for the days of steam trains and hot water readily available.

Even the surveying process has been delayed as we have to stay close to where the action is, otherwise who knows what we would find on our return? The yard is starting to resemble a rabbit warren. This may be unrelated as it is nearly Easter and the Easter Bunny’s apprentices may have gone into overdrive to increase production in readiness for express deliveries. Umm, chocolate!

Which brings to mind the Maldon Easter Fair and the opportunity to go and mix with friends there and have some fun. The old poppet head fire tower is lit up on the Thursday evening before the Easter holidays, the local legend being that it is the Easter Bunny’s house. The tower on Mt. Tarrengower gives an excellent overview of the township, including the railway yards. Then the celebrations continue for the rest of the long weekend. Everyone is welcome.

In the meantime, we have to reschedule our work process. Back to the storyboard and a light-hearted idea using words and sketches, which can utilize other art assets from the major project for a multi-media presentation sometime further down the track. This is a project independent of the train simulator but related to it. It could become part of an advertising package for the game or it may be stand alone entertainment. Either way, it is a bit of fun and can be brought to completion sooner if we desire, production schedule permitting.

We expect to be burning the midnight oil for a while, to try and catch up to where we anticipated being by now. We may be able to extract a small supply from the J Class oil burner locomotive at Maldon. Perhaps not, or it might not make the distance of the return journey. It’s just not right to expect the paying passengers to push it into the station!

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