Star Quality

Star Quality: What is it?

That special attribute which makes a person noticeable, a quality which makes an individual stand out from the crowd.

It is not the same as talent, for a talented person can develop a very high level of competency and still attract little attention, while a person with star quality can shine while having a lesser skill level and be more loudly applauded. Viewers are so mesmerized by the performance that they do not notice any mistakes.

Star quality is a strong belief in the worth of self, combined with a spirit of generosity. It is a desire to share a personal experience with a greater audience, to carry the viewers along on an emotional adventure. It is an ability to be completely focused on an activity, to be immersed in the moment with total coordination of body and mind. This physical state is in such contrast with busy, scattered every day activity that it immediately draws the attention of those around it.

A star performer will acknowledge the crowd, recognizing that many have come specifically to see their performance: he or she will take it as a compliment. Then the focus changes, the crowd becomes part of the background while the performer concentrates on the role being portrayed. The audience is focused on the character, be it on stage or on screen. The experience is more likely to be immersive if the performer has star quality. It is the ability to convince the watcher to believe he or she is part of the action.

Star quality can turn up in the most unexpected places.

Do you have star quality?

Setting up for a film shoot, and then, out of nowhere, these girls shouted “I’m going to be a star.” What they didn’t know was that we were filming there 30 minutes later.

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